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“I would like to be curvier", "flatten my stomach", "bust up more", "have firmer hips" and "have skinnier legs" This shape-up inner & leg wear line-up is to make women’s desires come true.The inner wear is designed by length, width and height which is used in the latest technology "3D molded knitting". It offers both comfort and a high shaping function that cannot be compared to previous body shapers. Stockings and high-socks are designed as a graduated and massage pressure system to shape up legs. Also, full lineup is composed with a natural sliming ingredient, which reacts to the body temperature and infiltrates through the skin. This w-approach will lead you to an ideal body shape.


It's debut in spring 2007. A colorful and pop illustration is used in a package unlike any other body shaper brand ever before. with great impacts, drugstores and variety stores were supplied with packages with images of illustrated fashionable girls who have ideal "curve" "bust" "hips" and "stomach" with those slogans. This debut came up to be a great topic among media. More than 5000 shop sell this brand. And fall in 2007 leg wears made the debut. As long as inner wears, more than 5000 shop started to sell them.

In March 2008, a collaboration with charismatic models of fasion magazine "Cawaii" has been done. Celebrity high school girl called "Serejo" requested the ideal high socks with right length, color, one point embroidery designed by them and more over put diet function.