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Stay Fit

Stay Fit, a thigh-length stocking with silicon stoppers on the thigh, revolutionized the stocking marketplace in Japan. Then innovative items such as Ultra Hunger, an all-in-one garter style, and Invisible with ultra-thin materials, continue to lead the leg fashion industry. There are a variety of Italian style stylish designs. Made in Italy.


Debut in April 2000, it was launched with innovative techniques never tried before. For example, selling stockings in a compact box package and a half pair selling was the 1st of its kind worldwide. An attractive display was also positioned at various outlets. Thigh-length stocking with a silicon stopper on thigh offers comfort, convenience and a stylish design became a big hit. Within the 1st month after its debut, it was rated the top selling item out of 15,000 items over the past 35 years at Sony Plaza (now Plaza). The brand has exceeded 5 million units together with sister brand Stoppy in the first year alone. The sales are total 15 million units in Plaza and department stores together. Over 1500 Media channels have also published articles about the brand. In addition, women’s fashion magazine “Style” (first issue), offered a novelty inside the magazine.