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It is a casual line for Stay Fit and is also made in Italy. Thigh-length stockings with a silicon stopper on thigh for a reasonable price! The concept is “Delicious leg fashion” while its color collection is named as ‘caramel’, ‘butter cookie’, ‘cocoa’ .etc. It has a scent of passion fruit and the cute imported candy-like package has a resemblance to sweets or fruits.


Stoppy made its debut as Stay Fits sister line in September 2000. It started selling at 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide. It was also a big hit amongst teens and adults since these fashionable Italian stockings were available to customers 24hours a day. It was unfortunate for women when stock ran out, however, it created a new demand to until stoppy, women bought stockings because what they wear laddered, however stoppy created new tendancy , to go to convenience store to buy Stoppy stockings. Stoppy created a new trend such as using an illustrated character on a package and changed many common sence in the stocking industory. Stay Fit and Stoppy together sold 5 million units in the first year.