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The mirror resembles a mirror with lights in a make-up room for an actress. We developed it as a compact mirror with LED lights. By putting the lights on, make-up can be done even in the dark. There are over 100 designs with a variety of illustrations or Swarovski crystals.that enhance women's feelings better.


With a word of mouth marketing approach among celebrities, a strong buzz had started within mass media. It sold 20,000units within the 1st month since the launch of March 2008 and after a half year it had exceeded 3 million units. The new designs are regularly produced, and over 100 designs have sold PLAZA(former SonyPLAZA),departmentstores and Actress mirror's official website are main stores. in year 2009 and mimorial limited model for exceeding 100 designs has been released . In addition, collaborations to create limited models were done with actresses, models, artists, creators, and fashion magazines. This is what makes it special like a canvas to express designs freely and more than just a compact mirror.

Also,"colette"in paris , "Fred Segal" in L.A. ,"Patricia Field""Paul Smith" in N.Y. and etc... have stacted to sell Actress mirror. It has been focused as the latest hit item from Tokyo.