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The world's first idea ayur chair was created to sit with the ischial bones in consideration of a Japanese figure to train their posture. The most incredible feature is due to its unique shape (Seat is split into two parts and front point of seat is higher than back point), how it can automatically help develop a better posture.


After the Stay Fit great success, we noticed that many Japanese women don’t wear stockings properly. Therefore, we suggested “Slow-Stocking” that is to wear a stocking appropriately as Japanese women concerned the difference of body structure and life style between the western people and us. We realized that we needed to make an appropriate chair for Japanese because chairs are also item, for western people. As the life circumstance with chair spread, the more Japanese people with bad posture increased, so we launched to develop chairs for Japanese people and that was ayur chair. ayur chair took 3 years to develop with specialists and the first model was born collaborated with Cassina IXC finally in 2005.

Cassina.ixc Collaboration Model

The surface of the chair is divided into two which can change its angle by slowly widening the legs in order to site properly with the ischial bones.

We used this concept to develop 4 different designs with four different furniture competitive manufacturers named ITOKI, KOIZUMI Furntech Bals and TRAIN. This was 1st time in a chair industry to develop the same shape chairs and to sell by all competitors.
It was an immediate hit and was introduced to various press,including all 5 japanese newspapers,NHK,plus other TV programs and magazines in total over 200 media.
In December 2006, the second model was collaborated with a chair company Kotobuki, which has a 70-80% share in the public facilities and schools' furniture market. It was the first ayur chair on wheels applicable in use at schools or offices. Amount of users broaden because it's model change with wheels and adjustable by one touch.

Press conference at Academy Hills Roppongi Hills.

from left: Itoki Corp. CEO, Kiyotaka Kaneko
Koizumi Furntech Corp. CEO, Humimasa Kawase
Train Corp. CEO, Yasuyuki Hasegawa
Bals Corp. CEO, Humio Takashima

Kotobuki Collaboration Model

Ayur octopus and ayur .una received the Good Design award 2007.
In November 2007, ayur egg was released, which was stackable and can be used outdoors.