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In 2000, we introduced our innovative brand, "StayFit" through unique packaging design, marketing and PR strategy. Our company had huge sales boost, became a pioneer of panty-stocking business and set a new standard for women's fashion. In addition, we created popular brands such as "Stoppy", "Medical-StayFit" and, "Calorie Off", Later on we created "ayur chair"- made by interior design manufactures, 3 minutes to dress Kimono- "SOLA", LED light compact mirror with decoration- "Actress Mirror" and more. We have kept on creating wide range of products with eccentric ideas.
We strive for adding values with high creativity to everyday objects and servise and make them stylish. That leads to creat new cultural standards, brings new lifestyle. That is to say. "changing monotone products to color",consequently we aim to become a company creates new life style and new culture.